Monday, August 23, 2010

Her cup runneth over

So I am feeling the need to just lay it all out there. Last night I had an explosion of thoughts. One of my really good friends got an email that was just terrible. It said some of the worst most horrid things in it. It was not my place to jump in and blow up but some of the things in there just really struck a nerve. I know that Rachel is a wonderful person and the fact that someone can sit there and basically bash her in the ground does not settle well. I am trying to figure out what to do. I really want to post all of it but.........I am just gonna link to Rachel. You can go there and read all of it.

Here is my take on it. (this is my opinion because well, its MY blog)
Some people do things in life that you don't agree with, so just ignore them. If I have a problem with what you do, then I am not gonna send you a nasty email I am just gonna go away from you. This person who I am not gonna name because well that is not my place. I think just has a cup that is running over. I feel like she is going through a rough time with her grandfather not doing well and is just angry at the world. I think that she just directed her anger and emotions all into this one email. I think she really is a good person that deep down just had her meltdown and now it is coming back to bite her. I can understand that it is hard to lose someone that you love so much and it is natural to get angry. I also feel that she lashed out at someone that she shouldn't have and now it has caused a big blow up. I think that she should apologize for the terrible things that were said and just step up and admit that the things that she said are her opinions and that just because we don't believe the same things she does, does not make either of us right or wrong. I am praying for her and her family. I am no longer gonna dwell on this and am gonna move on:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am feeling the need to vent! One of my friends just received an email about breastfeeding in public and exposing her "private parts" to the world. She has a blog and put a picture of her baby on the breast nursing. I am fixing to bust open so if you aren't ready then you might want to find a new blog.
  • I will breastfeed when my baby is hungry. If I am in a restaurant, WalMart, the library, anywhere.
  • I will not deny my baby the right to eat just because YOU don't like it. If you don't like it go away and don't watch. I will not just bust out my booby and show it to you. I will do it covered up and appropriately.
  • We are not 5 anymore and when you are feeding a baby they are not a "private part" anymore, more like an all you can eat buffet.
  • There are laws that allow me to breastfeed anywhere that I am usually allowed to be.
  • I am saving over $1,500 per year because I am breastfeeding.
  • I am lowering my risk of Type 2 diabetes, breast and ovarian cancer, and postpartum depression
  • Breastfeeding mothers miss less work due to sick children which leads to a more productive workforce.
  • Also, if 90% of families breastfed exclusively for only 6 months, we could prevent nearly 1,000 infant deaths.

I completely understand that breastfeeding is not for everyone. Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions. I am for what is best for you and your baby in your certain circumstances. However, I have chose to breastfeed and it is working well for me and my baby. Please do not send me messages about how you don't agree with what I have chosen. I am a grown adult and if you don't like my decision then keep your nose out of my business and in your own. You moved away from here because no one liked you and well, to be honest nothing about that has changed. I am now going to get off the soap box and snuggle my kiddos, oh yeah and nurse Easton:) Have a good night!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shots and Smells

I had a trip like no other yesterday. You see it was time for Easton's follow up ear appointment with our pediatrician that I LOVE. He may not know it yet but he loves me too. So, when E was diagnosed with his ear infection 2 weeks ago, I remembered that my girls both needed shots. That is a whole other post but here is some insight- how the heck do my 2 girls never miss a well child check and are both needing shots??? Old pediatrician failure- who knows, maybe just new guidelines. Lets go with number 2 bc I liked our old pediatrician too. So I asked the nurse if I had to see the doc or if the girls could do just a shot only visit. She answered that I could just bring them with me and it would be shot only. So yesterday morning the kids and I go to Duchess Bakery and pick up a dozen donuts- don't hate I know I am fat but whats a fat girl without the donuts, right??? Go to my friend Liz Zill's house and keep in mind we are good like best friends so we don't knock anymore we just go in. Well, all the lights are out this is 10:15 am and she does have 2 kids. I am telling the kids to be quiet and I bust in the master bedroom. She is scared out of her mind, grabs her cell phone to check the time, and says "Holy Shi****, hang on we'll get up." I am laughing and head to the living room to wait on the princess. Keep in mind I am here for an intervention of cleaning house and holy crap did it need it. The kids dive into the "nonuts" and she fixes us some coffee. We cleaned for 3 hours and it was looking good.

I had to leave and come get ready for the doctor. I got home like 1:30pm right before our 2:15pm appointment clean us all up and pre medicate the 2 girls that don't know whats coming. Out the door we go. I got there on time. They check E's ear that was clear and then weighed him- 20lbs 3.5 ozs. I have never been so proud, but anywho. Then he does the unthinkable. He filled his diaper with the most horrific smelling poop ever. I go digging through the diaper bag and can't find A SINGLE WIPE. So then come his 2 nurses and 2 trays with a combined 5 shots. I apologize for the odor and tell them that I would change him but I have 0 wipes and don't want to leave it for them to smell the rest of the day. They give Callie her 2 first because Tori has hidden and then on to Tori. They finish with all of that DRAMA and come back with a diaper sack and some wipes. They tell me to put it in the trash can and that they will not use that exam room for the rest of the afternoon. So, by the time that I left I was completely beside myself. I hope that you have now laughed uncontrollably at my expense and that no one has to experience this ever again. Have to run but have a wonderful week:)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Over whelming life!

I think the title says it all! I am struggling with trying to keep up. So I am gonna update you on everyone and then apologize. Adam is well not doing anything different. He is still superdad and is working his booty off. I went to the dermatologist on June 14th to have 3 moles removed. They called me on Tuesday, the 15th, to tell me that the mole on my leg that they had removed came back as a melanoma and that I needed to come in as soon as possible to have it removed until clean margins. The lady on the phone told me to prepare to be there for 2 hours. I told her that I had a 5 month old that I was nursing so he would have to be with me. She then told me that I would probably have to pump afterwards. I was more upset about that than the fact that she had just told me that I had cancer on my leg. The first available appointment was on Friday, the 18th. I went in and took my mom with me so that she could babysit. I told Adam that there was no need in him taking off work since she was already off. So I went in and she removed a chunk- it is 1 inch wide by 4 inches long. I walked out with 22 stitches in my leg. She told me that I had to come back on July 7th because the other 2 came back and were not yet a melanoma but had irregular cells so they had to be "chunked" out too. Oh well, it makes me cancer free. Tori has been keeping us hopping. She has played travel ball, park and rec ball, and now all stars. So we practice 5 nights a week and play every weekend. Callie is just hilarious. We were driving down the road the other day and she screamed "oh my goodness, I just sawed sompin out my winow." I thought I was gonna die. She has her own little personality now. Easton is growing leaps and bounds. He goes on Friday for his 6 month check. 2 weeks ago he weighed 17 lbs 9 oz. He is rolling all over, sitting up for a little while by himself, and scooting. He is still nursing all the time. I LOVE IT!! He is so sweet. He just coos and smiles all the time. He is a snuggler. He has me wrapped. He loves his sisters. He just smiles and laughs at them. So sweet. Well, I have to run for now but I promise to do better.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Boys and Mommy Milk

Well, it has been snowing outside and I just want to take a minute and update you. This little man of mine is so precious. I never thought that I was cut out to be the mommy of a little boy because I love my girly girls so much but he has got me wrapped around his finger. He truly is precious and his sisters love him soooooooo much. He is so cute with his blonde hair and God answered my prayers by giving me a healthy baby boy that LOVES his mommy milk:) You see I gave Callie mommy milk for 9 months but never got the pleasure of actually latching her on and nursing. I got to bond with my trusty Medela Pump in Style but thought that it was that important for her to have the breastmilk. I really wanted a baby that wanted to nurse just to be able to have that bond. I have that now. He nurses every 2 hours on the dot. I love being sleep deprived, tired, and one happy breastfeeding mommy. Thank you Easton for loving your mommy and her groceries:)

The girls are just loving their baby budder Easton. It is so precious to see how much the girls take care of him. Callie can hear him grunting from a mile away. It has even been so bad that she is waking up at 2AM when he does. He doesn't cry just grunt and she can hear him from her bedroom. It is so funny. She doesn't cry either just wakes up and says where my budder is. Precious!!! How can you get ill at that even if it is 2AM??? Tori just wants to tote him around. We are having to be really careful about that because whatever she does Callie wants to do. Ok, Prince Charming is calling so I have to run. Have a blessed weekend!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Easton Brooks Swafford

Here is Prince Charming!!
Easton Brooks Swafford
6 lbs 8 ozs
20 inches
2:41 PM

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Budder:)

Now that Christmas has come and gone it is time to look forward to the New Year. I am 3cm dilated and 80% thinned out. I am just a ticking time bomb. I know that it is so very selfish but I can't wait to meet him. I am so ready to be able to go, play, and do like I use to. It is so hard for me to not be able to keep up with everyone else. I am telling you right now that Easton will be here this week. Last Tuesday she offered to induce me but I told her no. I really want him to come on New Years Day. I think that it would be so cool to always be known as the first baby of 2010. I am still holding on to the fact that this is when he is coming. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday and see what she has to say. Just to be honest I am really nervous about this. I know that I have done this 2 times before but this is a BOY!! I am not nervous about the delivery but the difference between him and the girls makes me nervous. I am curious to see how Callie reacts to him not being in my belly anymore. I think she can feel some changes are coming because she has been all about baby budder in my belly. Every night before we go to bed she rubs budder and kisses him goodnight. It is the most precious thing in the world. Maybe she will be a great big sister. I will update you guys with any changes just say a little extra prayer for us this week because we are about to have some big changes to come. Have a Blessed Day!!